Third planet of Epsilon Indi, 3.4 parsecs from Terra. Founded 2084 CE.

Distance from Primary: 45.06 million km
Length of Day: 23.34 hours
Year: 142.89 Terran days
Diameter: 13,874 km (1.20 Terra)
Mass: 1.16 Terra
Surface Gravity: 1.08 gee

Metikos was colonized by a coalition of political and religious dissidents who were unhappy with Nexus rule. The planet was always an opponent of Terra, and during the Colonial Wars (c. 2100-2150 CE) Metikos was a leader in the anti-Terra faction. With no gas giants and few other natural resources in the planetary system, Metikos was an economic backwater and had to turn to alliances with other worlds to survive. By 2153, Metikos had established four colonies of its own: Vestiaire, Prakis, Jegd, and Mithatal.

After the Empire was proclaimed in 2153 CE, Metikos was the primary target for annexation. Imperial forces fought several inconclusive battles with Metikos, then in the Battle of Epsilon Indi (TE 12), Metikos was defeated, occupied, and absorbed into the Empire.

In time, Metikos became a loyal Imperial world, a sort of Terran suburb. A vibrant economy, based on tourism, was built around the planet's status as a prime vacation spot.

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