Empires of the Gathered Worlds

The Pyslistroph (c. 2.4 - 1.2 billion BCE)

    Little is known of this culture, as most records were lost during the Schism and the Flight of the Daamin. The Pylistroph was a loose confederation of 50-100 worlds inhabited by the Seven Races. The Pyslistroph was led by The Council of the Wise, composed of a few beings from each of the Seven Races.

    It is known that the Pylistroph did not have tachyon conversion, nor the antigrav. Pylistroph ships were mainly light-sail vessels. The Pylistroph sent light-sail ships out into the Galactic Halo (aka the Scattered Worlds), apparently to seed suitable worlds with Pylistroph-based life. It is conjectured that a Pylistroph vessel passed by Terra about 8-900 million years ago; it has been further conjectured that almost all life on planets in the Scattered Worlds is descended from Pylistroph Seed Vessels.

Mertorthar (c. 1.2 billion - 600 million BCE)

    Mertorthar was born when the Gergathan recalled the Coruman race to Messilinia and launched a war of conquest against the Pylistroph. The Gergathan is a great war-machine, constructed on Messilinia during the wars that preceded the foundation of the Pylistroph. Composed of computer parts plus the living minds of those it has absorbed, the Gergathan is vastly intelligent, utterly implacable, and relentlessly ruthless.

    The Council of the Wise capitulated quickly, but others fled the Core into the Scattered Worlds (the "Flight of the Daamin"). The Schism of the Hlutr divided the Hlutr race.

    About 600 million BCE, Mertorthar reached beyond the Core to destroy the Empire of the Iaranor. During this effort, many tributary worlds rebelled, and Mertorthar's authority fell apart. The Gergathan was forced to turn its attention back to the Core.

Garadhros (c. 600 million - 22 million BCE)

    Garadhros was established in the wake of a successful war against the Empire of the Iaranor. During its rule, the Gergathan established a boundary about the Gathered Worlds that prevented its subjects from leaving or observing the freedom of the Scattered Worlds. Teleportation was developed about 500 million BCE, and Garadhros expanded into the Cores of nearby galaxies, most notably Andromeda.

    About 22 million BCE, Garadhros met the expanding cultures of M-87 and its surrounding galaxies of the Virgo Cluster -- the so-called Virgo Cultures. A great war ensued, a war which resulted in the detonation of M-87's Core. Garadhros, however, was conquered and the Gergathan shut down. The Virgo warrior Jel Haran fought, and was seriously damaged, in this final war.

    After an interregnum of approximately one million years, Garadhros was succeeded by Diebethar.

Diebethar (c. 21 million - 5.2 million BCE)

    After its defeat by the Virgo Cultures, the Gergathan took a million years to recover power and influence. Although hindered by the Free Peoples of the Scattered Worlds (and particularly by Jel Haran and Lirith), by 21 million BCE the Gergathan had regained enough power to start reconquering the Milky Way's Core, and to proclaim the third great Core Empire, Diebethar.

    Through treachery, guile, and division, Diebethar rapidly spread through the Local Group and beyond, meeting and defeating the Virgo Cultures about 19 million BCE.

    About 5.2 million BCE, the Avethellan Empire led an assault against Diebethar and Messilinia, and the Avethellan hero Kylvin struck at the Gergathan with one of the Singing Stones. However, Kylvin's Strike -- like Forriva's -- was blunted at the last moment.

    Nonetheless, Diebethar fell, and the Core was briefly integrated into the Avethellan Empire. About 5.19 million BCE, Diebethar was succeeded by Malreppidar.

Malreppidar (c. 5.19.million - 2.7 million BCE)

    After the fall of Avethell, the Gergathan proclaimed Malreppidar, and began the systematic destruction of all life in other galaxies. Before this effort was really begun, about 3 million BCE, intercontinuual travel was developed, and Malreppidar spread like a virulent plague into the Secondary Spaces. (The Deserted Worlds of the New Continuum date from this era.)

    About 2.7 million BCE, a tributary state in an adjacent continuum revolted and seriously damaged the Gergathan. Malreppidar fell.

    The Kohlenebian Empire (c. 2.7 - 2.3 million BCE) carried on the Core culture in the Scattered Worlds, but a true successor to Malreppidar did not appear until about 900,000 BCE, with Kaypleskrit.

Kaylpeskrit (c. 900,000 BCE - present)

    Kaylpeskrit rose about 900,000 BCE, following an interregnum of more than a million years. After destroying all copies of the Gergathan in Secondary Spaces (completed about 100,000 BCE), Kaylepskrit began isolating the Secondary Spaces from one another, and systematically eliminating all life in each.

    Kaylpeskrit destroyed the Scattered Worlds state of Marpethtal c. 300,000 BCE.

    Kaylpeskrit was instrumental in the collapse of the First Terran Empire c. 2600 CE.

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