If you can, then you may have the talent to be a virtreal designer.

The need for talented virtreal designers is greater than ever before. All areas of cyberspace are expanding exponentially— Cyberbia, El Juego, and Virtua. Someone has to design and build the landscapes and environments to fill all this virtreality; why not you?

Virtreal designers are respected and valued. They command top salaries and royalties. Shouldn’t you be one of them? The talents aren’t as rare as you might think.

So go ahead, build this room, or one like it. Use any virtual-design tool you wish. Send us your virtreal creation, and our panel of experienced cybersmiths will critique your work for free. If you show promise, you’ll be given a chance to enroll in the oldest and most prestigious school in Cyberbia: the Coates Academy.

Reply to eval@coatesacademy.biz

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